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Sen. Flanders “warns” Jews in Violent Anti-israel Speech in Senate

Sen. Ralph E. Flanders, Vermont Republican, today made a violent new attack on Israel and said that unless Jews make concessions to the Arabs “such a wave of anti-Semitism as the Jewish race has never faced will sweep, not only this country, but the world.”

Sen. Flanders told the Senate that assassination of pro-Western Arab leaders will continue “so long as the Western nations appear as the champions of Zionism. ” He alleged that Israel is becoming a “loaded time bomb” which under a Zionist world program is bent on “ingathering of the Jews from all over the earth” into a territory of only 7, 984 square miles.

The Senator claimed he is personally not anti-Semitic but is “pro-Semitic. ” He said that since the West refused to recognize Arab views on Israel, any pro-Western Arab leader is a target for assassination. He called attention to the murder of King Feisal of Iraq and Premier Nuri es-Said of that country. He also blamed Israel in connection with yesterday’s attempt on the life of Premier Sami el-Solh of Lebanon.

“This situation will continue so long as the Western nations appear as the champions of Zionism, ” he declared. “Any foreign policy which subjects our friends to assassination needs revision. Why don’t we revise?” His views today brought to a climax his series of anti-Israel speeches which have increased in intensity since the Iraqi coup d’etat on July 14.