Golda Meir Meets with De Gaulle; Communique Stresses “friendly Spirit”
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Golda Meir Meets with De Gaulle; Communique Stresses “friendly Spirit”

Israel’s Foreign Minister Golda Meir conferred for an hour today with French Premier Charles de Gaulle and for three and a half hours over luncheon with her opposite number, French Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville.

A communique issued after the meeting with Gen, de Gaulle at his official residence said that the discussion had been carried on in a “friendly spirit” and that there had been a clarification of views. It stressed the mutual desire for peace of Israel and France.

After the luncheon with M, de Murville, at which French Minister of Information Jacques Soustelle, Parliamentary foreign affairs chief Robert Schumann and Israel Ambassador Yaacov Tsur were present, a Foreign Office spokesman said: “The meeting was useful and practical.” He added that France appreciates Israel’s desire for a Middle East status quo. He denied that a Franco-Israel military alliance was discussed.

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