Neo-nazi Organ in German Attacks Payment of Reparations to Jews
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Neo-nazi Organ in German Attacks Payment of Reparations to Jews

A neo-Nazi weekly, published by the widow of General Erich von Ludendorff, German hero of the first World War and a strong supporter of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party, carries a sharp attack in its current issue on the West German reparations and indemnification program, accusing the Jews of fraud and the German advocates of reparations, of bribery and corruption.

The weekly, called “Die Volkswarte,” is published in Paffenhofen, Upper Bavaria. The attack was published as a separate insert and is being widely distributed all over West Germany. It said most Jewish claims are fraudulent and this Jewish fraud is costing Germany billions and devaluating German currency; that President Theodor Heuss supported the program because, it said, his daughter-in-law was Jewish, and that the Christian Democratic Party supported the legislation because it received a large bribe from Israel.

The paper, incidentally, complained that Israel was the cause of all the troubles in the Middle East and should not, therefore, receive financial support from the German people.

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