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German Trade Unions Charge Government with Paying Pensions to Ex-nazis

The Trade Union movement of Lower Saxony in West Germany today accused the Federal Government of spending “millions of marks” in grants and pensions on “murderers and killers,” listing 51 former Nazis and “enemies of democracy” as receiving such benefits.

The charges were made in a brochure which cited several cases. They revealed that Paul Koerner, former assistant to Herman Goering, who, the brochure charged, was receiving a pension of $500 a month. Also that Egger Reeder, former SS leader responsible for massive deportations from Belgium, was given a cash grant of $7,000 in back pay, and a monthly pension of $400.

The widow of Reinhard Heydrich, former Gestapo chief, who conducted the examination of Jews, has received since 1950 a large pension although she owns a prosperous boarding house, the brochure asserted.