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Clarence Pickett, Quaker Leader, Offers Israel-arab Peace Plan

A proposal for settlement of the Arab-Israel conflict on the basis of Israel’s acceptance of a “limited number ” of Arab refugees, internationalization of Jerusalem and definition of the borders of the Jewish State and the neighboring Arab states was advanced here by Clarence E. Pickett, former head of the American Friends Service Society which has been active for many years in refugee relief work.

The Quaker leader who viewed as “essential” to Middle East political and economic stability an Arab-Israel peace pact, made his proposals in a letter to the Wall Street Journal. For Arabs not repatriated, Mr. Pickett suggested equitable compensation. He recommended that Jerusalem and its environs be internationalized as recommended by the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 and that both Israel and the Arab states participate in the administration of the internationalized region.

After peace is established, he continued, special consideration should be given to economic development projects, including harnessing and using the waters of the Jordan River. To achieve these ends, the Quaker leader concluded, the United States should initiate in the UN an effort to obtain agreement among the powers.