Israelis and Arabs Meet Jointly Today at “mediterranean Conference”
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Israelis and Arabs Meet Jointly Today at “mediterranean Conference”

For the first time since the State of Israel was established Israelis and Arabs will meet face to face tomorrow at a “Mediterranean Conference” to search out the common values of Jewish, Christian and Moslem civilizations. All representatives to the parley, including the Israelis, the Arabs and others will attend in their personal capacities.

The Israeli group will consist of Maurice Fischer and Reuven Shiloah of the Foreign Ministry, invited as individuals, Reuven Barkatt of the Histadrut’s political department and two Hebrew University professors well versed in the Arabic Middle East. The first is Prof. Martin Plessner, an expert on Arabic languages and literature; the other is Prof. Uriel Heyd, a student of the modern Middle East.

Italy’s President Giovanni Gronchi and Premier Amintore Fanfani will be present. The meeting has the blessing of many world leaders including President Nasser of the United Arab Republic, Premier Charles de Gaulle of France and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, all of whom have sent messages of greetings to the parley.

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