Ex-mayor of Vienna Under Nazis Gets High Post in Austrian Airlines
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Ex-mayor of Vienna Under Nazis Gets High Post in Austrian Airlines

The first Mayor of Vienna under the Hitler regime, Dr. Hermann Neubacher, has been appointed by the newly-formed Austrian Airlines, a firm partly under the control of the Austrian Government, as financial advisor to the company, it was reported here today.

Dr. Neubacher was appointed to the Mayoralty of Vienna by Hitler on March 13, 1938, two days after the Nazi dictator forced his “anschluss” on the country. He served in the post until 1940, when the Nazi government in Berlin appointed him economic coordinator for the Balkans, with the rank of ambassador. He served in that post until the end of World War II.

Dr. Neubacher will receive a salary of 20, 000 shillings a month–4, 000 shillings more than the monthly salary of an Austrian Cabinet member. The new airline, AUA, has been formed by the government in cooperation with some private financial backing in this country and in collaboration with the Dutch and Scandinavian Airlines. A number of anti-Nazis in Austria as well as in the Netherlands and in some of the Scandinavian countries are understood to be preparing to protest Dr. Neubacher’s appointment.

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