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Tel Aviv, French Archaeologists Announce Ancient Finds in Israel

A special gate broken in ancient times through the wall surrounding the city of Jaffa, in honor of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, was discovered by the Tel Aviv municipal archaeological department.

Workmen clearing Jaffa’s ancient walls had come across stones bearing Egyptian hieroglyphics. Upon examination, the ancient Egyptian inscription was found to include the name of Ramses II. The new discovery, according to scientists here, confirms the chronologic order of layers previously uncovered in Jaffa’s ancient walls.

Meanwhile, Jean Paraux, head of a French archaeological team in Israel, announced the discovery near Beersheba, in the Negev, of ivory statuettes and ivory jewelry more than 3, 500 years old. M. Paraux described the two statuettes, each about 10 inches high, as a nude man’s figure, and the head of a woman, Both are executed in the same style, he said, and are considered more beautifully turned out than pieces of the same period found in Egypt.