Canadian Police Claim Israelis Obtain Illegal Residence in Canada
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Canadian Police Claim Israelis Obtain Illegal Residence in Canada

The Department of Justice announced the designation of a Montreal attorney to assist the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate the alleged illegal admission of residents of Israel into Canada. The authorities are said to have been aware of the situation for over a year.

Under Canadian immigration regulations, Israelis are admitted for residence into Canada only if they are close relatives of Canadian residents. Students are allowed to remain in Canada to pursue their studies but must leave the country upon completion of their courses. The present investigation, it was learned, involves Israelis who have been admitted as students but whose passports were illegally stamped “landed immigrant.” Reportedly some 20 students are involved.

In Montreal, Israeli Consul General Michael Simon said: “We do not encourage emigration from Israel. And we most certainly do not encourage any improper means through which Israeli citizens obtain immigration into a friendly country using illegal pretences.”

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