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Moscow Advises Soviet Jews to Assimilate; Publishes Book on Israel

Jews in the Soviet Union are advised to assimilate completely and disappear as a separate entity “in accordance with Lenin’s theories,” in a book just published in Moscow, it was reported here today.

The book, entitled “The State of Israel, Its Position and Its Policy,” is strongly anti-Israel and contains false charges against Israel and against the Zionist movement. The book is obviously aimed at checking pro-Israel feelings among Jews in the Soviet Union.

(Adlal Stevenson, in an article this week-end on his visit in the Soviet Union–distributed by North American Newspaper Alliance–reported that many Jews in Russia would like to emigrate to Israel but are not allowed to go. He said that an apparent reason for the Soviet policy was that “if Jews were permitted to leave, non-Jews might start wondering about life outside the Iron Curtain.”)