Confessed Nazi Murderer Remains Free in Stuttgart; Not Prosecuted
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Confessed Nazi Murderer Remains Free in Stuttgart; Not Prosecuted

Stuttgart authorities have failed to prosecute a confessed Nazi murderer, it was charged here today by Waiter Huber, one of a group of officials to whom Anton Dehm, Gestapo guard in Stuttgart, confessed the murder of a Jewish woman during the Nazi regime.

Huber said that a complaint was filed in 1951 against Dehm by the daughters of the murdered woman, but that after the confession the charges were dropped. Instead, the documents pertaining to Dehm merely recorded that he had been interrogated in connection with charges against Gestapo Chief Musgay, who subsequently committed suicide. Huber said that Dehm is free and now lives in a suburb of Stuttgart.

The widow of a Nazi concentration camp commander who was executed for war crimes by the Allied authorities has applied to the West Germany Government for a pension. Her application asserts that her husband, Otto Foerschaner, commander of the notorious Buchenwald death camp from 1942 to 1943, was illegally convicted at a summary trial before an American military tribunal.

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