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Confederation Seeks Equality for U.S. and Israel at Zionist Congresses

Equality of representation, as between Israel and the United States at future Zionist Congresses, was urged by Dr. Emanuel Neumann, president of the World Confederation of General Zionists, in a statement issued from the headquarters of the Confederation in New York.

Dr. Neumann made the statement following a meeting of the world executive of the Confederation where the question of elections and representation at the next Zionist Congress was considered. “On the basis of the so-called ‘double shekel,’ Dr. Neumann pointed out, “Israel had 43 percent of all delegates to the last Zionist Congress as against 24 percent for the United States. The balance of 33 percent was distributed among all other countries.”

The special Shekel and Election Committee of the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem has considered favorably the possibility of fixing in advance the number of Congress delegates to be allotted to each country, without regard to the number of shekel holders. It would take into account other factors, such as the size and importance of the Jewish population and the intensity of Zionist activity.