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London Jewish Body Reports on Decline of British Fascist Groups

British Fascist elements have lost considerable ground in the last three months despite their efforts to obtain publicity and support. it was reported here last night by the Jewish Defense Committee to a meeting of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The report noted that Sir Oswald Mosley and his Union Movement have suffered from the repercussions of the race riots which swept Britain recently and, with few exceptions, could find no public halls in which to gather supporters. Union Movement members who had run for Parliament were severely routed, one drawing as few as 39 votes.

The League of Empire Loyalists had also declined, despite the spate of publicity they received when they interrupted a Conservative Party meeting addressed by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, the report said.

The Defense Committee reported that it was in touch with security officials over the preaching of anti-Semitism by and among Hungarian refugees in Britain, and step are being considered on how to deal with the problem, it stated.