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Neo-nazi Editor Goes on Trial; Charged with Helping Nazi Murderer Escape

Robert Kremer, editor in chief of the neo-Nazi publication “Anklage” and one of his assistants, Kurt Genkel, went on trial here this weekend on charges of having assisted Franz Rademacher, Nazi official of the Hitler Foreign Office, escape from Germany.

Rademacher, once tried and sentenced to three years and eight months for responsibility in the murder of thousands of men and women, including 1, 300 Yugoslav Jews, was freed by a court on the grounds that he had already been detained longer than his full sentence, Later, when an appeal by the state was upheld, a warrant was issued for his arrest but he had fled the country, eventually to take up residence in Damascus.

Kremer, who admitted to the court that he helped Rademacher get to Spain, insisted that he had not been reading newspapers at the time and did not know he was helping a convicted war criminal flee the country. He insisted he had “helped another German citizen who was persecuted by the occupation forces.” At the time Rademacher was on trial, “Anklage” argued editorially that there had been no liquidation of European Jews but that “165,000 Jews perished because of events caused by the war.”