French Industrialists to Urge Close Tunisian-israel Cooperation
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French Industrialists to Urge Close Tunisian-israel Cooperation

A proposal will be made by a leading French industrialist to President Bourgiba of Tunisia for close Tunisian-Israel cooperation in North African development projects, according to a statement made here today by General Georges Picot, president of the Mining and Industrial Equipment Company of France, and a member of a 25-man team of French industrialists now touring Israel.

Another suggestion he will make to Tunisia, Gen. Picot declared, will be that the country adapt the “Moshav” type of cooperative Israeli settlement. If that proposal is adopted by Tunisia, the French industrialist said, he will suggest that an Israeli expert from the Agricultural Research Institute at Rehovoth be invited by Tunisia to head the project.

Members of the French delegation expressed themselves as particularly interested in Israel’s development of cooperative projects among the newly-independent states in Africa and Asia. Israeli observers here see, as a result of that French interest, increased Franco-Israeli collaboration in Afro-Asian cooperative projects.

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