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Anti-semitism is Admitted in Polish Communist Party Report

An admission that there has been considerable resurgence of anti-Semitism in Poland during the last two years, and an indication that score of the anti-Semitic manifestations were inside the Communist Party itself, were seen here in a report prepared for the third congress of the United Workers (Communist) Party of Poland.

The report, entitled “The Third Congress and the Jewish Population,” which was received here today, says: “We cannot forget the serious times suffered by the Jewish population, especially in the last two years, when anti-Socialist elements throughout the land have attempted to come to the surface on the crest of a wave of anti-Semitism.”

The document then indicates that Communists were also involved in anti-Semitism by quoting lengthily from a resolution previously adopted by a Communist Party plenum. That resolution enjoined all Polish Communists from participating in racist or anti-Semitic activities and called upon them to fight all such tendencies. The very reprinting of that resolution was seen here as a necessary reminder to Polish Communists.