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Austrian Police Strike at Nazi Terror Gang Working in Army

The Vienna police announced today the arrest of seven members of a Nazi terror group apparently operating within the Austrian Army. The group had a quantity of machine guns, rifles, revolvers and ammunition in a hiding place. Police said one of their number, a corporal, had stolen the weapons from an Army depot.

A police spokesman would not say today whether the Nazi organization was nationwide in scope or local, but did say that further arrests could be expected. The seven prisoners will be charged with endangering the safety of the State. Their leader was identified as Gustav Etzelt, former editor of a Nazi newspaper, Der Angriff. Etzelt had previously been arrested on several occasions since the end of the war for neo-Nazi activities.

Information received here today from the provinces of Styria and Carinthia revealed that Nazi youth there had marked Adolf Hitler’s 70th birthday last week by etching huge swastikas into electricity transmission posts and had painted swastikas on scores of buildings.