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Israel to Observe Today As Day of Mourning for Warsaw Ghetto Martyrs

Special, solemn services were held atop Mount Zion tonight in commemoration of the martyrdom of the 6,000,000 Jews exterminated in Europe during the Nazi regime. Tomorrow, May 5, has been declared this country’s official Day of Mourning–and the day, in accordance with Jewish tradition, started at sundown today.

On the flagpole of Mount Zion, the flag of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 16 years ago was unfurled, marking the official opening of the Day of Mourning observation. The Government, through a proclamation by Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, and the Chief Rabbinate have asked the entire Israeli populace to participate in mourning services. At 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, sirens will sound throughout Israel, and all Israelis have been asked to observe two minutes of silence in memory of the martyrs.