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Dr. Jonas Salk Hailed in Israel; Delivers Lectures at Hebrew University

The most prominent guest of the Israel Government today is an American, hailed in the Israel press as “savior of humanity.” He is Dr. Jonas Sa-lk, discoverer of the anti-poliomyelitis vaccine.

Dr. Salk delivered two lectures at Hebrew University today. One address was scientific, given at the medical school. The other lecture, on “Man in Evolution,” was delivered before a general audience, with Prime Minister David Ben Gurion as chairman.

Dr. Salk arrived Thursday night for a 10-day official visit. Accompanied by Israel Barzilai, Israel’s Minister of Health, Or. Salk visited some laboratories at Tel Aviv where the Salk vaccine is made, and spent the Sabbath at Mr. Barzilai’s kibbutz, Negbah-Last night, he was the guest of Mr. Ben Gurion. He has been presented with wreaths, greeted by the public, and cheered wherever he has gone.