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Youngstown Jews Urged to Boycott Functions Held in Biased Clubs

The Youngstown Jewish Times, in its current issue, called today on people who would otherwise not be admitted to clubs in Youngstown that "maintain a discriminatory ban" to refuse to attend quasi-public affairs and meetings held on their premises.

In a front-page editorial on the West Side Tennis Club situation, the paper declared that "what goes for Forest Hills should also pertain to Youngstown. Here, too, we have clubs that maintain a discriminatory ban. These clubs, too, are used for quasi-public affairs and meetings. Many of them are of a community nature, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, Community Chest and other groups.

"Persons who otherwise would not be allowed past the portals of these clubs attend these meetings. They shouldn’t. And they should tell their organizations why," the edi-thrill urged.