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German Police Chief Arrested; Killed Jews in Minsk Under Nazis

Dr. Hans Haeuser, chief of the Rhineland-Psalz State Criminal Police, was under arrest today on charges of murder of “an indeterminable number of persons” as leader of an SS Einsatz Commando unit near Minsk during World War II. Thousands of Jews were executed there by the Nazis.

A spokesman for the Rhineland-Psaltz Ministry of the Interior, announcing the arrest, said that when Dr. Haeuser was reinstated on the police force after the war, it was known he had been “assigned to the SS.” It had been assumed, however, that he had merely carried out “routine police duties in Poland and Russia,” the spokesman said.

His arrest was a result of investigations conducted by the Central Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes which was established by the various West German states in Ludwigsburg last summer.