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Israel Sells Two Frigates to Ceylon; Are No Longer Needed at Elath Port

Israel has sold to Ceylon two frigates bought from Canada in 1953. The ships are now afloat in the Gulf of Akaba, at Elath, where they reached from Haifa in 1956, following the launching of the Sinai campaign. They had rounded the Cape of Good Hope on that journey.

The vessels, the Miznak and the Mivtach, will be taken over by crews of Ceylonese sailors who are expected before the end of this week in two units of 150 each. The Ceylonese will be given some necessary training by the Israel Navy before they take possession of the ships. Israel will also stock the ships with supplies and with Israeli-made Uzi submachine guns that have already been sold to Ceylon.

Official circles have declared that the presence of the frigates in the port of Elath is no longer necessary. They pointed out that the presence of fast, maneuverable motor torpedo boats is much more practical. It is pointed out that, in the event of the break-out of hostilities, the frigates at Elath would be “sitting ducks” for any potential enemy attack.