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Commander of U.S. Veterans Visits Grave of 10, 000 Jews Killed by Nazis

A non-Jewish, American physician visiting Russia, said here today he was “distressed” to find that the government at Kharkov, large Ukrainian center where 100, 000 Jews murdered by the Nazis and buried in one mammoth mass grave, had marked the burial mound with an “insignificant” marker. The American said he will try to stimulate action for the erection of a proper monument to the Jewish martyrs.

The physician, Dr. Winston E. Burdine, of Atlanta, went to Russia in his capacity as national commander of Amvets, an organization of American war veterans. While in the Soviet Union, Dr. Burdine studied the Jewish problem. Dr. Burdine noted a fact known a long time, that Russian physicians do not perform circumcision, that ritual having been outlawed since the early 1930’s.