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Latvians Abroad Charged with Helping Nazis in Mass-murder of Jews

Many Letts, natives of Latvia, now living in Germany, England, Sweden and Latin America, are guilty of participating in the Nazi mass murder of Jews, according to charges made here today by Isaac Levinson, of Johannesburg.

Mr. Levinson, who was a delegate to the world assembly of the World Jewish Congress, held here recently, alleged that “the worst European massacre during World War II” took place in Latvia, during the months of November and December of 1941. In that period, he said, about 30,000 Jews were executed by Latvians, many of whom are now living abroad.

Mr. Levinson is the author of a book, “The Untold Story,” which is a history of the Jews of Latvia and Esthonia, and tells of the tragic fate that be fell the Jews in the Baltic countries during World War II.