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Premier Ben Gurion Returns to Israel; Held No Political Talks in France

Rested and sun-tanned after a “total rest” ordered by his physicians, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion returned home today, following a vacation on the French Riviera, ready to plunge into the national elections campaign.

While in France, the Prime Minister said, he obeyed his physician’s orders about resting so strictly that he did not even attempt to get in touch with former French Prime Minister Guy Mollet, who was occupying a villa near the residence rented by Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gurion. He said he held no political meetings with anyone in France.

“All I did in the nature of work while I was there,” he said, “was write a foreword and a survey for the next issue of the Israel Year Book.” Mr. Ben Gurion said he will start actively participating in the election campaign next Sunday.