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41 Sentenced by Moroccan Court in Tangiers for Seeking to Emigrate

Prison sentences and fines were imposed by the Moroccan Court of Tangiers on each of 41 persons tried October 5 and 6 on charges of allegedly seeking to emigrate from the country or allegedly having helped organize illegal emigration, it was learned here today.

Two of the defendants, who were arrested several months ago by Moroccan authorities, were each given one year in Jail and ordered to pay 250,000 Moroccan francs, which is considered a very heavy fine.

The others brought before the court, which reportedly dealt with the defendants in a rather arbitrary fashion, received sentences ranging from six months suspended prison terms to six-month Jail terms. No information was available about the conditions under which Moroccan police rounded up and arrested the 39 persons brought to trial in addition to the two men known to have been jailed.