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Prosecutor to Appeal for Ban on Nazi Song Record to Higher Court

A pledge to seek a reversal of a new court decision holding that a record of Nazi addresses and songs was not harmful was made today by the Frankfurt state prosecutor.

A lower court decision last May had ordered a ban on the American-made recording, called “Speeches and Songs of Nazi Germany,” which had enjoyed a brisk sale. The records were confiscated. However, the Frankfurt High Court on Monday held that the record had no anti-Semitic tendencies and rejected a request of the prosecutor to make the confiscations permanent.

The issue will probably be taken now to the federal court in Karlsruhe, the highest in West Germany. Pending the ruling of the Karlsruhe court, the public prosecutor can either release the copies of the recording he still holds or continue to confiscate any copies placed on sale. No statement has been made by the public prosecutor’s office as to which course will be pursued.