Brandeis University Objects to Loyalty Affidavits for Students
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Brandeis University Objects to Loyalty Affidavits for Students

The Board of Trustees of Brandeis University, by unanimous vote, resolved to reject student loan funds under the National Defense Education Act as long as provisions of the Act require student applicants to sign a controversial loyalty disclaimer and affidavit.

In taking this action, Brandeis joins a growing list of leading educational institutions around the nation who have withdrawn from the NDEA student loan program because of the required affidavit. Included in this list are Harvard, Yale, Princeton and approximately 20 other outstanding colleges and universities.

The Brandeis board, at a regularly scheduled meeting in New York City, took the above action on a formal recommendation of the full Brandeis faculty. Earlier, the Brandeis University Student Union, in a two to one vote, had urged the board of trustees, faculty and administration of the liberal arts college to reject NDEA funds contingent upon the signing of a loyalty loath. The board of trustees, while rejecting the NDEA funds, went on record as wholeheartedly endorsing the general purpose of the Act.

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