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Arab Diplomats in Washington Convey Anti-israel Views to State Dept.

The chiefs of mission of Arab states represented diplomatically in Washington today joined in a statement charging that Israel is trying to undermine Arab relations with the United States. The statement was issued by the Arab Information Center to American press and radio tonight. Similar views were conveyed to the State Department.

The statement read:

“Ever since the 15th of May, 1948, Israel has been a destabilizing factor in the Middle East area. Established through massive aggression against the Arab people of Palestine, Israel has caused the forcible exile of one million innocent Arabs who are, to this day, denied their basic human rights. Israel’s defiant and aggressive nature has kept Middle East tensions alive not only through repeated acts of aggression against Arab states, but also through her continued rejection of all United Nations resolutions and measures aimed at easing tension in the area.

“In like manner, Israel has consistently sought, with the active aid and collaboration of Zionists, to undermine the development of friendly relations between the United States and the Arab world, using all direct and indirect means at their disposal. Recent events affecting U.S. Arab relations afford ample evidence of such activity and intention, confirming the declared concern of the Arab chiefs of mission over such Zionist attempts on the occasion of Mr. David Ben-Gurion’s visit to the United States.

“Motivated by their earnest desire to promote the development of friendly relations between the United States and the Arab world, and convinced that there are no basic conflicts between American and Arab interests, the Arab chiefs of mission express the hope that, in the future, such Zionist attempts will not succeed further in disrupting peace and stability in the area, nor in endangering the promotion of friendly American-Arab relations.”