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Israeli Scientist Developes Method to Predict Height of Ocean Tides

A method of predicting mathematically the height of the tide along any coastline or at any port, developed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, was reported at an international conference on geophysics which concluded here yesterday. The method will help scientists to detect earth vibrations–a problem which has baffled mathematicians since 1775.

The report was presented by Prof. Chaim Leib Pekeris, of the Weizmann Institute, under whose guidance the Institute carried out a three year study on the subject. The progress of this research into ocean tides was made possible through “Weizac” a highspeed electronic computer which was completed in 1958.

Professor Pekeris decided to tackle this subject some years ago when he felt that ocean depths were reasonably well fathomed except along the Arctic regions. He then concluded, that it should be possible to predict mathematically the height of tides along the whole coast.