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Rockwell’s Trial in Washington Postponed for a Week at His Request

The trial of George Rockwell, self-styled leader of the American Nazi party, which was scheduled to take place here today on charges of disorderly conduct, was adjourned for a week.

Municipal Court Judge George Neilson granted Rockwell’s request for more time to prepare his defense and held over the trial until August 17. The trial was instituted as a result of an incident on July 3 when a riot broke out at one of Rockwell’s weekly rallies.

Rockwell asked Judge Neilson to relieve his court-appointed attorney O. B. Parker, since he wished to defend himself. This was Rockwell’s original intention from which he retreated when the question of sanity was raised by the prosecution. Having now been found sane by psychiatrists of the District of Columbia General Hospital, Rockwell felt he did not need an attorney any more.

Another trial involving Rockwell arising from an incident on July 24 is still pending and is scheduled to take place August 26.