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Ex-nazi Police Officers Confess Mass-killing of Jews in Slutzk

Former police major Franz Lechthaler, 69, and Willy Papenkort, 51-year-old ex-chief of police in Kassel, have confessed to the shooting of “several hundreds of Jews” in Slutzk, Byelorussia, on October 27, 1941, during the Nazi occupation. This was disclosed here by Chief State Attorney Haffke.

The influential Frankfurter Rundschau reported today that Ernst Lautz, former Prosecutor for the People’s Court and former Deputy Justice Minister Franz Schlegel-Berger were still receiving monthly pensions in spite of the fact that the Schleswig-Holstein Finance Ministry had canceled their pensions a year ago. The payments are being continued, the paper said, pending a final decision in their case by a special court.

A hearing will be held next week before the Schleswig-Holstein Administrative Court on an appeal by Dr. Herta Oberhauser against a decision last year by the Ministry of Interior, revoking her license to practice medicine. Dr. Oberhauser is charged with participating in inhuman medical experiments at the Ravensbrueck concentration camp.