Shah of Iran Strongly Commended in Canada for His Stand on Israel
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Shah of Iran Strongly Commended in Canada for His Stand on Israel

Appreciation to the Shah of Iran for his reaffirmation of the de facto recognition of Israel was expressed here in a joint communication addressed by the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Zionist Organization of Canada to the Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Iran in Ottawa.

Editorial comment in the Canadian press strongly commends the position taken by Iran in its relation with the State of Israel and at the same time severely criticizes Nasser for his attacks on the Shah and his attempts to influence other Arab nations in the Middle East to sever diplomatic relations with Iran as the United Arab Republic has done.

Among major Canadian newspapers condemning Nasser for his attempt to override the sovereignty of another nation are the Montreal Star, the Montreal Gazette, the leading French-Canadian newspaper Le Devoir, the St. Catharine Standard (Ontario) and the Chronicle-Herald of Halifax.

An attempt by Khalid Baba, director of the Arab Information Centre in Ottawa, to take issue with the view of the Montreal Star editorial, was countered harshly by a second editorial which condemned the U.A.R. propagandist for dealing in misinformation. Altogether, in Canada, the propaganda offensive directed by Nasser at the Shah of Iran and his government has failed to convince the Canadian press and other media of public opinion.