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U.S. Group Finds Canadian Pre-shechita Method Most Humane

The Canadian pre-schechita method would be recommended for use also in the United States, it was indicated here by a group from the United States who visited the Canada Packers plant here to observe the new kosher device of restraining animals prior to shechita.

John McFarland, member of the U.S. Government’s Commission on humane slaughter, who was one of the group, said that the method developed in Canada is the best from the standpoint of humaneness and ease of production. Mr. McFarland has made a special study on the question of animal slaughter and has observed it in many countries, including Europe and Israel. Robert Friend, general manager of the Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who was also present during the visit of the Americans at the Canada Packers plant, fully concurred with Mr. McFarland’s view.

In addition to Mr. McFarland, the U.S. group included Rabbi Samson Weiss of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations; Philip Jacobson of the Synagogue Council of America and Leo Pfeffer of the American Jewish Congress. The Canadian method, as used in Toronto, permits the handling of 60 animals an hour.