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Arab League Opens Meeting on ‘palestine Issue'; Split Indicated

Representatives of the nine countries of the Arab League started their meeting today at Shutra, Lebanon, to discuss the “Palestine issue” and conflicts within the Arab world, such as the revived controversy between Jordan and the United Arab Republic.

The question of the “status” of Palestine Arabs caused failure of the last two Arab League conferences. The United Arab Republic and Iraq agreed in principle on the formation of a “Palestine State” and the establishment of a “Palestine Army”; however, they differed on the form of the state and the loyalties of the army. Jordan opposed both the establishment of a Palestine State and the formation of a Palestine Army.

The representative of Jordan announced today that the position of his government on the Palestine issue remains the same. The Arab League meeting which opened today will also face sharp differences of opinion on the suggestion of the United Arab Republic to organize an Arab “solidarity” movement against Iran for its de facto recognition of Israel.