Jewish Martyrdom Under Nazis Commemorated by Jews in Poland
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Jewish Martyrdom Under Nazis Commemorated by Jews in Poland

Polish Jews observed Rosh Hashanah this year through two events commemorating the Jewish victims of the Nazi holocaust, according to Warsaw reports received here today.

At the tall of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, a social exhibit was opened, devoted to the crimes committed by Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi Parly’s No. 1 specialist in the extermination of Jews, who is now awaiting trial in Israel for his depredations against Jews and against humanity in general. The exhibit shows official documents and photo-crajihs depicting Eichmann’s crimes.

In the Krenfitzer Forest, between Lublin and Pinsk, a memorial was unveiled, honoring the martyrdom of an estimated 300,000 Jews killed there by the Nazis and interred in mass graves. Several thousand Jews, and some non-Jews, attended the unveiling ceremonies. According to the report from Warsaw, leaders of the Polish Communist Party, as well as a representative of the Soviet Embassy in Warsaw, attended the ceremonies in the forest.

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