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Eisenhower’s Talk with Nasser Brings No Solution of Suez Canal Issue

United States Government sources said today that President Eisenhower was favorably impressed by President Camal Abdel Nasser but these sources expressed doubt that the two leaders achieved a solution of the Suez Canal transit impasse.

These sources said the Suez blockade was extremely complicated because of Nasser’s stand linking it with resettlement of Arab refugees and other issues. It was indicated, however, that Mr. Eisenhower included the Suez item on the agenda when the two leaders met for the first time yesterday in New York.

Mr. Eisenhower later told his associates that he had achieved an excellent rapport with Mr. Nasser who invited him to come to the United Arab Republic as a guest of honor before or after January 20 when his term expires. Mr. Eisenhower expressed appreciation for the invitation and told Mr. Nasser he regretted not having stopped a Cairo last December during his Asian goodwill visit.