Nasser’s Provocations Against Jordan Seen Involving Israel
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Nasser’s Provocations Against Jordan Seen Involving Israel

Speculations as to whether Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of the United Arab Republic, is inclined to risk war in the Middle East, or possibly world war, by attacking Jordan and thus involving Israel, were printed widely here in the London press today.

The apprehensions were triggered by the fact that Nasser has continued, since his return from the United Nations General Assembly in New York, to attack not only Israel but also to threaten what the Times of London sees as a possible “territorial claim against Jordan.” Foreign affairs experts here hold that a Nasser attack against Jordan is sure to involve Israel, since the Jewish State has warned repeatedly that it would take counter-action if Nasser were to intervene in Jordan with armed force.

Damascus, Beirut and Cairo dispatches today reported that Nasser openly claims Jordan now as “Syrian” territory. In reports of a speech at Damascus last night, Nasser was quoted as saying: “Before World War I, Jordan was all Syrian–and it still is.”

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