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Director of World Ort Arrives in U.S. to Discuss 1961 Financing

Max A. Braude, director-general of the World ORT Union, arrived from Geneva today for discussion concerning the financing of the more than 650 trade schools and other vocational programs which the organization conducts in 19 countries. ORT receives funds in the U.S. from the Joint Distribution Committee, out of the income of the United Jewish Appeal, and from its membership activities.

“The vocational activities of ORT which are expected to provide instruction in occupational skills to some 40,000 persons during 1961, will cost a minimum of $6,500,000,” Mr. Braude stated. He noted that ORT was receiving several times as many applicants for admissions as could be accommodated in its training facilities. “This trend, which is already severely straining our budget, will continue to grow,” he asserted.