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Crowd Stones Rockwell in Boston; Infuriated by His Anti-jewish Slogans

George Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi party, was taken into protective custody by Boston police today after he was stoned by a crowd estimated at 1,500 persons, when he and his “storm troopers” sought to picket the premiere of the motion picture “Exodus” at the Saxon Theater here.

Police Lieutenant John Slattery said that despite the presence of 100 police, including mounted officers, when Rockwell appeared with swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans, the crowd surged forward throwing rocks and eggs. Police intervened to save Rockwell from the crowd and formed a protective shield around him in an alley adjacent to the theater.

Witnesses reported that had police not intervened, Rockwell would have suffered serious injuries at the hands of the irate crowd. Rockwell told police that he came to Boston and would visit other cities to prove that his Nazi movement was national in scope.