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Adenauer Indicates Eichmann Not Wanted in Germany; Defends Israelis Trial

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany told the National Press Club here this weekend that his Government does not intend to seek extradition of Adolf Eichmann from Israel to West Germany because no extradition treaty exists between these two countries. The Chancellor defended Israel’s trial of Eichmann.

Responding to a question on the propriety of the Israeli trial, the Chancellor said he did not want to answer from a legal but from a moral viewpoint. He added that Israel’s reasons for trying Eichmann were “fully understandable. ” He said Eichmann was probably “the greatest of the murderers. ” The German people wanted to see “full truth and justice” emerge from the trial, said Dr. Adenauer. He cited his television statement in West Germany on Eichmann shortly before his departure and said that continued to be West German policy.