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Israeli Opposition Parties Demand Probe into ‘beer Affair’

Political parties in Israel which are not represented in the Ben-Gurion Cabinet took immediate action today on the “Beer case” to exploit it for the coming Parliamentary elections. The Herut party requested a special session of the Israel Parliament which is in recess now and the General Zionists demanded the formation of a special inquiry commission into the case and all its permutations.

The Progressive party and the General Zionists issued a joint statement today, declaring that an investigation should be undertaken at once to ascertain whether there has not been a slackening in “elementary precautions” regarding security personnel.

Dr, Beer’s arrest was the principal topic of a meeting of the Mapai party here Friday. Mr. Ben-Gurion participated in that meeting and warned that the Beer case may become a weapon in the Herut election campaign. Mapai will convene its internal “members’ court” to expel Dr. Beer from the party.