Rockwell and Nine Followers Arrested in New Orleans; Picketed ‘exodus’
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Rockwell and Nine Followers Arrested in New Orleans; Picketed ‘exodus’

George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi party, and nine of his “stormtroopers” wearing swastika-decorated arm-bands, were lodged in jail here last night. Police authorities who arrested the men charged them with “disturbing the peace in a manner which would unreasonably disturb and alarm the public.”

The arrests took place in front of a movie house showing the film “Exodus,” which they tried to picket. But prior to their arrest, the Nazis–except for Rockwell himself–had a tough time. While Rockwell flew down here from his headquarters at Arlington, Va., his band of “stormtroopers” came in a German-made bus decorated with anti-Semitic and anti-Negro slogans, proclaiming their vehicle a “hate bus.” Police forced them to remove or cover the hate signs, arrested the driver for a traffic violation, and made it clear they were unwelcome in New Orleans.

Rockwell vowed that he and his Nazi “stormtroopers” would remain in jail until cleared of all charges. He said “We couldn’t post bail if we wanted to. We are broke.” The authorities said the Nazis would be held and prosecuted as would any other lawbreakers.

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