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Chicago Board of Rabbis Opposes Legalization of Bingo in Illinois

The Chicago Board of Rabbis, representing all Jewish religious groups, declared it was unalterably opposed to the legalization of bingo in Illinois. The board said that “the undoubtedly worthy purposes served by the proceeds” could not justify “the means that are at best questionable and at worst morally reprehensible.”

Touching on arguments by supporters of bingo as a means of raising funds for church and synagogue activities, the board said that “noble aims and desirable purposes” could get adequate support when they were adequately interpreted and communicated “without resort to methods that are bound to disfigure the aims and purposes themselves.”

The rabbis cited the “recent shabby and shameful experience in New York City resulting directly from the legalization of bingo” and added that “racketeers and hoodlums” moved in to make religious, fraternal and philanthropic organizations” their dupes.”