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Conservative Attacks Israel on Issue, Janner Says ‘no Violation’ is Involved

A Conservative member of Parliament, William Yates, today accused Israel, on the floor of the House of Commons, of perpetrating “a threat” to violate the Israeli-Arab armistice agreement by allegedly planning to divert the waters of the Jordan River for its own use. Mr. Yates voiced his accusation in the form of a question to the Lord Privy Seal, Edward Heath, asking what the Government intended to do to prevent such a “violation. “

While Mr. Heath replied that the Government was not aware of such “a threat,” Sir Barnett Janner, Laborite Member, advised Mr. Yates; “The constant bullying by Nasser and his people is something that might be attended to, rather than the asking of such questions. ” Sir Barnett suggested that the best way for solution of the Jordan River problem was “for both parties to provide sufficient waters for themselves.” He added “there is no violation whatsoever by Israel on this matter.”