‘sensation’ Hinted After Quiz of Eichmann Witness in Austria
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‘sensation’ Hinted After Quiz of Eichmann Witness in Austria

An investigator who interrogated a former SS officer, Willi Hoettl, as a witness for the Adolf Eichmann trial, said today he had not found evidence of close connections during the Nazi era between Hoettl and Eichmann. Informed sources, however, said that Hoettl had strongly incriminated Eichmann in the Nazi extermination program.

The investigator, Dr. A. Kittl, said also that he regretted that neither Gideon Hausner, Israel’s Attorney General who is chief prosecutor in the Eichmann trial, nor Dr. Robert Servatius, Eichmann’s chief defense counsel, attended the Hoettl interrogation.

Dr. Kittl hinted that Hoettl’s testimony might lead to a new and sensational Judgment about the Nazi “final solution” of the Jewish problem, but he refused to elaborate. Hoettl was questioned by attorneys for both sides. The questioning took place in Bad Anssee court.

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