Two Rockwell ‘troopers’ Arrested; Charged with Imprisoning Children
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Two Rockwell ‘troopers’ Arrested; Charged with Imprisoning Children

Two of George Lincoln Rockwell’s Nazi “Storm-troopers” were arrested by police in nearby Arlington, Va., today on charges of feloniously assaulting a number of teen-aged children, including a 13-year-old Jewish boy.

Held in Arlington County jail in lieu of bond were Nazi “Storm-troopers” Richard Braun, 26, and Robert Garber, 31. Both reside at Rockwell’s American Nazi Party headquarters “barracks” in Arlington. Braun was ordered to post $1, 500 while a bond of $1, 000 was imposed on Garber.

The Nazis, according to the complaint filed, seized three boys who passed their headquarters en route home from school. Thirteen-year-old Ricky Farber, who is Jewish, was allegedly handcuffed by the Storm-troopers, menaced with an iron pipe, and otherwise abused. The other boys, non-Jews, were asked in a derogatory manner if they were Jewish by about 10 husky Storm-troopers who held them captive at Nazi headquarters, according to the complaint.

Arlington police, tipped off by a neighbor who witnessed the events in the street, went to the Nazi headquarters and freed the boys. Judge H. C. Greeger told the Nazis that he considered the charges serious, and cautioned them to obtain counsel. Hearing was continued until July 20.