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Syria Releases Tourists Kidnaped from Israel; Delivers Them Through U.N.

Two tourists, one American and one British, who were kidnaped by six Syrians a week ago, were returned unharmed to Israel last night through United Nations observers. Israeli officials are still hunting for another American tourist, Mark Goldmann, who is missing and possibly held by the Syrians.

The American, 19-year-old Philip Janovsky, and the British tourist, 18-year-old Elizabeth Weil, who are both at the Yavneh Kibbutz on a one-year training tour, left the kibbutz for a tour of northern Israel. While touring Eon Gev, they said, they were surrounded by arms-carrying Syrians, who fired at them. Bullets hit their knapsacks but not them.

They said they were blindfolded and taken to a site they could not identify. There they were questioned for hours at a time about Israel military movements, the economic situation and the forthcoming general elections Aug. 15. Since they carried foreign passports, they were not ill-treated.