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Convention of U.S. Orthodox Jewish Scientists to Discuss Atomic Survival

Two nuclear physicists, both Orthodox Jews, will lead a panel discussion on Jewish Law and Atomic survival at the annual convention of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists which will be held September 1-4 in Woodridge, N.Y.

The scientists are Dr. Alvin Radkowsky, a staff member of the Atomic Energy Commission and technical advisor on naval nuclear reactors to Vice Admiral Hyman C. Rick-over, and Dr. Herbert Goldstein, professor of nuclear engineering science at Columbia University, Dr. Radkowsky is chairman of the association’s Washington chapter. Dr. Goldstein is Association treasurer.

Founded in 1948, the Association is a national organization composed of members in every professional and academic discipline. It is the Association’s goal to effect the orientation of contemporary civilization within the framework of traditional Judaism. To this end, its members throughout the country conduct seminars, high-level discussion groups, religious-scientific research investigations and maintain national publications and meetings for the purposes of communication.