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Israel Bond Campaign Employes Go on Strike; Move Called ‘unjustified’

Some 400 professional and clerical employes of the Development Corporation for Israel which conducts the Israel bond campaign in this country, went out on strike today for increased wages and fringe benefits. The bond workers, who are members of the Community and Social Agency Employes Union, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, failed to report for work in bond offices throughout the country today after the union and the bond organization failed to reach agreement last night.

Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, vice-president of the Israel Bond Organization, said there was no justification for the strike by the union representing its professional and clerical workers. He pointed out that the organization had made the most liberal and generous concessions.

Dr. Schwartz said: “By any standards, our employes receive very good salaries and enjoy the best working conditions and benefits of any organization in the field. The action of the union in calling this strike is totally incomprehensible and the responsibility for any disruption of our activities in behalf of Israel will be solely that of the union leadership and not of management.”